Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is this product from?

Dr PPARs® was do’s over Ed & patented by our former NASA microbiologist, responsible for the health of Astronauts.

The professor took the discovered strain of Microalgae back to his
biotech native farm land in Taichung, Taiwan to mass produce in an
organic environment free from acid rain with pristine sunshine. His
family has an excellent biotech farming history of 60 years.

Dr PPARs® is sold numerous outlets including National University
Hospital (NUH), Mount E, Camden Medical, Organic Markets, TCM, plus many
other Pharmacies & Clinics in Singapore.

My child is only a few months old, is it suitable? How do I go about feeding my child?

Dr PPARs® is suitable for anyone from children to the elderly,
vegetarians to patients and even pets. This product does not have
binders, fillers or preservatives. It is pure vegetable with NO side
effects, thus it is suitable for all ages.

An advisable way for children consuming Dr PPARs® would be to take 5 –
10 tablets daily. It is akin to consuming small pcs of broccoli or
plant food.

My grandparents are very old in age, can they take Dr PPARs®?

Dr PPARs® is suitable for anyone from children to elderly! This
product does not have binders, fillers or preservatives. It is pure
Microalgae with NO side effects, thus it is suitable for all ages.

1 gram of Microalgae is equal to 1 kilogram of assorted fruits/vegetables!

I am a vegetarian, can I eat Dr PPARs®?

Dr PPARs® is suitable for vegetarians as it is simply a
pure, high-end vegetarian source and whole food. It does not contain
flavors, chemical additives, binders, fillers or preservatives and
has NO side effects. Dr PPARs® is completely Halal and Vegetarian.

Factory isolated Omega-3 pills DO NOT contain vitamin D. The body
processes vitamins differently when they arrive in food rather than in
separated form – Whole foods interact with one another in a way that
helps in nutrient absorption. If we could just obtain essential Fatty
Acids from the Microalgae, we can rid the fishy taste of Omega-3 pills.
This works well for vegetarians. Fish make their own source of vitamin D
from the precursor of vitamin D found in Microalgae. Dr PPARs® contains all natural Omega-3s because it is Microalgae in essence.

I am going through Chemotherapy, how will Dr PPARs® help?

The function of Chemotherapy is likened to a ‘bomb’ that destroys the
bad cancerous cells, however at the same time, the good and functional
cells in our bodies are destroyed too, thus there are many side effects.

Dr PPARs® works by strengthening the immune system thereby resisting the side-effects of chemotherapy.

It is common knowledge that vegetables & fruits are healthy foods to eat, even when you’re sick or ill.

In the same sense, Dr PPARs® is a whole food, plant-based, pure
vegetable source with NO binders, fillers or preservatives in it –
therefore, it has no side effects.

Furthermore, Dr PPARs® is sold in many reputed hospitals and
pharmacies and has received numerous praises from cancer patients who
have tried it.

If I’m on medication, can I still eat Dr PPARs® together?

Unlike isolated pills or products, Dr PPARs® is a plant food
with NO synthetics, chemical additives, binders, fillers or
preservatives in it. As such, it can be freely taken together with your
current medication without any interference, just like how you would eat
vegetables in your daily meals and not have any side effects with your

What is the difference between Dr PPARs® and other multi-vitamins or dietary supplements?

Dr PPARs® is real food. Unlike isolated pills or supplements, Dr PPARs®
is a whole food vegetable with absolutely NO binders, fillers,
preservatives, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. As such there are
no known toxic side effects like pharmaceutical grade synthetic
vitamins. It is rare finding a broad spectrum of natural vitamins,
antioxidants, minerals and nutrients all within a single plant. It is
not laboratory or man-made, which means every nutrient is recognized by
our body as real food.

Remember, when you take supplements after meals – it is usually synthetic. Whole foods like Dr PPARs® are consumed before meals.

What is the difference between Dr PPARs® and other Microalgae products?

Dr PPARs® is the highest grade of Microalgae. At only 4 to
8 microns, the tiniest single-celled plant, it beats all other plants
and algae, especially in terms of reality of photosynthesis. For example
corn including its counterparts (seed, root, stem, leaves, ears and
edible mass) only reach a 1.6 per cent efficiency of photosynthesis, but
when the edible part is taken into account, efficiency drops to 0.5 per
cent. In other words, only 5 out of 1000 parts of solar energy can
convert corn into edible mass.

On the other hand, Dr PPARs® is rich in Chlorophyll (green
pigment) and Phycocyanin (blue pigment). All seeds, roots, stem,
leaves, ears, fruits are all in a single cell. Allowing even the most
sensitive stomachs to use the least amount of energy to digest! Most
importantly, Dr PPARs® is single-celled with a thin cell wall thus, it has a digestion rate of 95 per cent , with a fantastic 1 hour assimilation.

Dr PPARs® has so many vitamins and minerals, will it be too much for my body?

Definitely not! If you can take vegetable during your usual meals, you can most definitely take Dr PPARs®.
Furthermore, the vegetables we consume daily contain preservatives and
pesticides. When these vegetables are cooked, up to half of the
nutrients will be gone as well. Hence, Dr PPARs® is your best health food choice.