Dr PPARs® Gene Activators


The health epidemic we’re facing today could be narrowed down to:

  • Ignorance and complacency
  • An explosion of over-commercialized synthetic supplements
  • Side-effects of drugs and concoctions of herbs
  • Pollution, processed, microwaved or junk foods, chemicals, cosmetics, toothpastes
  • Exposure to heavy metals, radiation, EMFs from the oceans and lakes to our living room
  • Soil depletion that leads to downward  spiraling of food quality
  • Stress-induced environment and lifestyle
  • Over consumption of life-stocks that feed on too much grain instead of grass, hay and other forage
  • Under-consumption of whole food plant based diet
  • Acidosis resulting from all the above

But even with elimination of all the above, our daily nutritional
intake is greatly impaired and dangerously inefficient. Why is this so?

It is the lack of ‘Gene Activators’!

What Are Gene Activators?

Gene Activators (Natural Ligands)

Dr PPARs®️ contains high value Natural Ligands.

Natural Ligands are key in restoring homeostasis –

1) bringing swift absorption & assimilation of micronutrients &

2) elimination of nitrogenous waste & other toxins on a cellular level

All these while enriching the Microbiome!

What Is The Role Of Gene Activators?

Why is Dr PPARs® Nature’s Nutritional Logistics?

Homeostasis is the the ability of the body
to seek and maintain a constant equilibrium or stability within its
internal environment to ensure health and proper functioning of the

Dr PPARs® is key in activating the body’s genes which control many
biological functions such as nutrient handling, immune function,
reducing inflammation, bone formation, cellular differentiation &

Much like how Generals are in command of the Soldiers, these Gene
Activators will direct the exact amount of nutrients needed by your
body, unifying biological systems, functions and processes. Your immune
system will then perform optimally at all times!

In other words, Dr PPARs® contains “Nutrient Handler Specialists”.
Unlike many synthetic supplements like single-nutrient vitamins or
minerals that either have a very small amount, or none at all.

Note: DO NOT think of LUPUFAs as some fish/krill pill or other forms of  Omega-3s. They are not in our league!

  • Dr PPARs®, Your Health Fortress

    Dr PPARs® contains the most “Specialized Nutrient Handlers” that
    direct the exact amount of nutrients needed by the body to the organ
    tissues, whilst eliminating & directing toxins out of the body
    without harming vital organs.

    When our body receives such derivatives, it will modulate the immune
    system and inflammation, supercharge the Microbiome by feeding the
    existing friendly bacteria with high-end prebiotics (Polyphenols &
    Chlorophyll) thereby increasing good quality & diverse probiotics!