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Dr PPARs Soft-Gel Extract Concentrate 620mg x 30 Capsules

Dr PPARs Soft-Gel Extract Concentrate 620mg x 30 Capsules

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Dr PPARs Soft-Gel Extract Concentrate 620mg x 30 Capsules

Dr PPARs contains α-Linolenic acid (ALA n-3) C18, C20. Flex/Chia Seeds majors contain only C18 ALA; one reason for its low DHA/EPA Conversion.
Krill or Fish may contain C20 but, unlike centuries ago, the sea is now contaminated by plastic, heavy metals & radiation.

Balances, Strengthens & Revives Body’s Natural Defence systems

Synthetic Supplement Megadoses were attempts to overcome absorption problems with an approach that “more is better”. Unfortunately. this may not be true. Absorption of vitamins & minerals is limited by uptake mechanisms in the intestines, & megadoses are largely excreted or turned into stones in our body. Our body is NOT designed to digest isolated synthetic supplements but rather to extract them from Whole Food.

Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

Ideal Superfood for infants to Elderly, Vegetarians to Patients. Gentle on your stomach because it is real food. When comparing the MDR, RDA or prescribed therapeutic dosages of supplements to whole foods, one must look at real results in terms of absorption and utilization in the body, not allopathic dosages.

Single-Celled Aquatic ‘Giants’

When you have to take supplements after meals – it is usually synthetic. Whole foods like Dr PPARs can be consumed before, during or after meals.
Cod, Mackerel, Salmon, Herring, Krill & All Plants get their Omega 3s from MicroAlgae. Now get them from the original source without having been converted & diluted through mercury-bound fish or krill. Rid that smell too.

1 to 4 capsules daily 1 hr before meals & bedtime

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