The Ideal Supplement For Patients

Finally, A Superfood Supplement That Really

Works For Patients: Diabetes, HBP, Arthritis, Cancer & More

Peace of Mind on Nutritional Deficiencies

Dr PPARs® provides a better alternative to meet the metabolic demands of diabetics, as well as most other patients with chronic illnesses.

Unlike most diabetes supplements, Dr PPARs® does not contain overly-processed ingredients which can be hard on the body.

Multiple Health Award-Winning Formula

60-Year History of Biotech Farming Excellence

What is Dr PPARs®?

Dr PPARs® Is The King Species Of The Microalgae Plant Kingdom

Dr PPARs® belongs to the Microscopic-Algae plant kingdom, which is known to be the most nutrient-dense food source on the planet.

Gram for gram – Microalgae contains more nutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants than any other plant or meat source!

And It’s 100% Plant-based!

Cod, mackerel, salmon, herring, krill & plants get their abundance of fatty acids (Omega 3s) from Microalgae.

Get the purest & most potent form of Omega 3 through Dr PPARs® without it being converted & diluted through fish/krill.

IF you’re constantly feeling fatigue/loss of appetite or still..

Worry about relying on medication that affects other parts of your health
or you just want a more consistent well-balanced diet,
Dr PPARs® Is Your All-In-1 Supplement Made Naturally For You!
Dr PPARs® helps patients Regain the lost “Qi” or Vitality

ALL Patients Will Benefit!

Irrefutable testimonials by ordinary people
Tablet Dr PPAR
Dr PPARs 300 tablet Dr PPARs 150 tablet Dr PPARs 1000 tablet Dr PPARs 2500 tablet FOC One 150 tablet

Dr PPARs adalah nutrisi makanan utuh nabati seimbang dengan formula budidaya & ekstraksi eksklusif, dengan nutrisi dalam bentuk alami yang benar-benar dibutuhkan & dikenali oleh tubuh Anda.

Tanpa Bahan Pengisi, Pengikat atau Pengawet.
Bebas Pestisida, Herbisida, Fungisida.
Bersertifikat Halal & GMP. Setiap panen dianalisis untuk jaminan kualitas guna memastikan bebas dari racun & kontaminan.
Sama sekali Tidak Ada Bahan Kimia yang Ditambahkan.

Why Choose 100% Plant-Based Dr PPARs®

& Not Synthetic Powdered Milk or Isolated Supplements?

Synthetic supplements or powdered milk are made artificially in a laboratory setting or industrial process, never seen sunshine nor were grown from soil or water! Which means it is not a whole food & lacking in essential nutrients, filled with preservatives & with ‘food’ that is refined & processed. Patients’ liver functions will be compromised & harmed.

Many brands of powdered milk for patients contain Corn Maltodextrin and other synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Corn Maltodextrin is a processed ingredient that manufacturers extract from starchy foods like potatoes, corn, and wheat.

Maltodextrin is made up of a variety of sugars.

The disadvantage is that it can be converted to glucose by the body considerably more quickly than conventional table sugar.

A Whole Superfood Is The Better & Superior Choice

Dr PPARs® is a complete and vegetarian food product that is not made from fragments or synthesized components. Its nutrients are far superior – FDA’s suggested Required Daily Allowances (RDA) standards.

Scientists agree that consuming genuine food, which is like an orchestra, provides more benefits than consuming isolated parts presented in the form of artificial pills. The body needs a balanced combination of nutrients, and an imbalance of either too few or too many nutrients can lead to disharmony in the system.

Whole superfood supplements are beneficial because they contain substances that naturally regulate each other, reducing the risk of consuming excessive amounts of a single nutrient.

Some substances in foods can be harmful if consumed in large quantities, but other substances can assist in neutralizing any excess that the body does not use. That’s what makes whole superfood supplements so advantageous.

Cleanest High Quality Protein From Dr PPARs®

Amino acids are the ‘building blocks’ of proteins in chemistry.
Amino acids are used by your body to create hormones, enzymes, & to build & repair muscles & bones.

Dr PPARs’ microalgae are rich in two of the main types of omega-3 fatty acids
— eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

One study found that the percentage of omega-3s in microalgae is comparable to that of various fish,
that is because ALL marine life gets their Omega 3s from microalgae in the first place.

Why You Can Trust That
Our Product Is 100% Safe For Everyone

Organic diet

Absolutely no chemical additives added

Backed by scientific studies

Tested by many

60 Years history
of high-tech farming excellence

Our Products Do Not Have:

  • Fillers, Binders
  • Preservatives
  • Pesticide, Herbicide, Fungicide

Absolutely No Chemicals Added!

Many supplements still contain synthetic, laboratory-concocted vitamins or minerals which do not provide optimum nutrition naturally.

Instead It Contains:

Optimal Omega-3s and Essential Fatty Acids

Highest Natural Gene Activators

High Grade Protein Complete Amino Acid

Amazing Single-celled Aquatic 'Giants'

Join Many Happy Consumers

Who Have Taken Steps To Exponential Health

How To Consume Dr PPARs®?

• Adults – Gradual increase from 5tabs/day to 15 or 30 tabs/day in a month.

• Toddlers – 1 to 3 tabs mix in water & within minutes will dissolve, add to porridge etc.

• Children – 4 to 12 years old: 2 to 3 tabs X 4.5kg body weight daily.

Best taken 1 hr before meals with sufficient water, fruits & exercise too.

Store in a dry cool place preferably in a refrigerator. Once opened, consume within 3 months.

How Is Dr PPARs Tablet Formulated?

Discovered & Patented by a former NASA Microbiologist responsible for the health of astronauts!

Dr PPARs® is fresh water superfood cultivated in a controlled environment (NOT in a salty environment that’s filled with plastics, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones from the waste of humans) • in outdoor circular bio-reactor pools (bio means natural/organic), equipped with giant mechanical stirrers creating oxygenated waves to breed these precious microalgae!

Dr PPARs® is bathe in pristine sunshine & acid-free rain, and the fresh water used is actually organic spring water dug from 2 km into the ground, which is FDA inspected & approved annually to be free from contaminants!

Senior Researcher at Merck & Co, USA for 22 years & was involved in the development of lipid-lowering agents & licensing of Zetia from Schering Plough Pharmaceutical Company.

The study confirms that Dr PPARs® contains high value Natural Ligands.

Natural Ligands are key in restoring homeostasis – bringing swift absorption & assimilation of micronutrients • elimination of nitrogenous waste & other toxins on a cellular level • all these while enriching the Microbiome!

3rd Generation Dr PPARs® contains organically handpicked whole
grape concentrates that contains Polyphenols & antioxidants,
including Resveratrol, Pterostilbene and Flavonoids.

, together with Chlorophyll in

Microalgae (Dr PPARs®) are Prebiotics:

They’re gut-health Superstars that supercharges the microbiome.

Scientists showed long ago that that Chlorophyll is antimicrobial; kills bacteria.
It kills strep & staph & harmful bacteria in the GI tract while maintaining healthy ones.
Now how awesome is that?

Hence, the immune system will be stronger by leaps and bounds..

Tablet Dr PPAR
Dr PPARs 300 tablet Dr PPARs 150 tablet Dr PPARs 1000 tablet Dr PPARs 2500 tablet FOC One 150 tablet